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Discussion :: Idioms and Phrases - Section 2 (Q.No.125)

In the following questions four alternatives are given for the idiom/phrase italicised and underlined in the sentence. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of idiom/phrase.


In spite of the immense pressure exerted by the militants, the Government has decided not to give in.

[A]. accede
[B]. yield
[C]. oblige
[D]. confirm

Answer: Option B


No answer description available for this question.

Payel Das said: (Aug 11, 2012)  
What is the meaning of yield here ?

Mrudu said: (Sep 5, 2012)  
"Give in" phrase meaning implies that to "yield to another wish or opinion...."

Mayuri said: (Nov 24, 2012)  

Assent or agree to a demand, request, or treaty.
Assume an office or position.

assent - agree - consent - comply - accept - acquiesce

Raza said: (Jan 4, 2014)  
I think "accede" should be the answer because accede means "to agree to someone's demand".

Priya Rani said: (Aug 11, 2014)  
Yes the correct answer should be "accede" because its synonym is "give in" itself.

Nivedita Katare said: (Sep 14, 2014)  
Yield here means "surrender".

So it means in spite of immense pressure on them, they didn't surrender.

Art said: (Nov 2, 2014)  
This question should not be valid on a test because both yield and accede are plausible answers.

Geetanjali Rathore said: (Nov 20, 2014)  
Accede has to be the correct answer as it literally means to "give in".

Vineet Singh said: (Jan 15, 2016)  
Both the words 'Accede' and 'Yield' do justice to the context and are synonymous. Faulty question.

Arvind said: (Sep 20, 2016)  
Isn't oblige a form of acceptance in pressure?

Aniket said: (Nov 7, 2016)  
'Accede' should be the correct answer.

Priyanka said: (Sep 23, 2018)  
Yes, it can be accede as well because it means to agree to a demand.

Rivanah said: (Oct 21, 2019)  
Accede should be the answer it best expresses the phrase.

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