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Directions to Solve
It is difficult to find a person who would put good word for the kind of bureaucracy we have in India. Incidentally, things may now be seen as coming to a head ...(1)... the attainment of independence, India ...(2)... from time to time several ...(3)... power committees or commissions to ...(4)... administration. In spite of all this, the impression ...(5)... that the Indian variety of bureaucracy has been slow and slothful. Fact is that the ...(6)... of bureaucurracy happens to be ...(7)... the same all over the world. Even in USA Presidents have ...(8)... a great deal of concern ...(9)... the manner in which buraeucurracy has been functioning at various levels. In spite of all this, not much change can be ...(10)... in the near future. One may feel like hanging one's head the despair unless one believes in some super human power the looks after our universe.


(solve as per the direction given above)

Answer: Option
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