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In the following questions choose the word which is the exact OPPOSITE of the given words.

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Deepali said:   10 years ago
Enormous = when something is very, very, very big, it can be called enormous.

Good heavens, that pimple on your cheek is absolutely enormous; it covers half your face!

Kapil said:   1 decade ago
Enormous means Big, Huge or large in quantity and Tiny means Small. None of the other options means small other than Tiny.

Kailash said:   8 years ago
Enormous means very big so antonyms of very big will be very small and that is Tiny. So, Tiny will be the right choice.

Srihari said:   8 years ago
Enormous means something which is huge and so large.

Tiny means something which is small.

So they are opposite words.

Vimal kumar said:   5 years ago
Enourmous means in any type like in size, angle, etc. So the appropriate antonym is tiny for this particular word.

User said:   5 years ago
Enormous means veery deep type. And tiny reflects the opposition of large. I. E not soo deep. Cause not so big.

Dory said:   4 years ago
Enormous means extraordinary large in size or extend our amount or power or degree. So, tiny is the answer.

MARS said:   1 decade ago
Enormous means extremely large then tiny means very small. So the suitable antonym for enormous is tiny.

Dipen Sen said:   5 years ago
Yes, it's tiny as enormous meaning extraordinarily large items so tiny would be the appropriate one.

Keerthi said:   7 years ago
ENORMOUS means very large in size and its exact opposite word is TINY because tiny means very small.

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