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In the following questions choose the word which is the exact OPPOSITE of the given words.

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Usha said:   2 years ago
Enormous is large.

Tiny is small.

Rgb said:   1 year ago
Tiny is the correct answer because enormous means big or large.

Eyob Alemayo said:   2 months ago
Thanks everyone for explaining the answer.

SHREYA PANDEY said:   8 months ago
I think tiny is correct because tiny is considered both a medium of big or small.

Wangchuk said:   2 years ago
Tiny is the correct answer cause enormous means large.

Sobita Kshetri said:   1 month ago
Tiny means small.

Subha said:   2 years ago
What is the correct answer? Please explain me.

Tikachandra oli said:   3 years ago
Enormous = extremely lagre.

Tiny = extremly small.

Rose said:   3 weeks ago
Enormous means the size is large and Tiny means the size is small.

Saima Anjum said:   2 years ago
Agree, Tiny is the correct answer.

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