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Using the Relative Polar Coordinate System to add a 3 inch line that is 45 degrees from the end point of the line created above the drafter would ________.

[A]. type @3<45 and enter
[B]. type 3 back slash and enter
[C]. type 3 forward slash and enter
[D]. type 3 and try to use the Dynamic Input readout to find the end point

Answer: Option A


No answer description available for this question.

Karan said: (Sep 18, 2014)  
Because its a standard technique for entering polar co ordinates in CAD.

"3" (units) "<" (angle i.e. > or <) "45" (degree of inclination).

Sathish said: (Mar 16, 2015)  
Because the formula for relative polar co-ordinate system is at (units) < (degree of inclination).

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