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In each of the following questions, choose the set of figures which follows the given rule.


Choose the set of figures which follows the given rule.

Rule: Closed figures losing their sides and open figures gaining their sides.

Answer: Option
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Aayush Goswami said:   8 months ago
According to me, In the 3rd series, the outer figure is losing one side and simultaneously the inner figure is gaining one side.

Asif said:   8 years ago
According to given rule:.

Option 1 Fail as the outer figure is not decreasing.

Option 2 Fail as the outer figure remains as it is.

Option 3 Satisfies the rule as the outer figure is decreasing and inner figure is increasing for each iteration.

Option 4 Fails as the 4th iteration is not decreased.

Correct Answer : C.

Yogesh said:   2 years ago
Please give me the explanation for the answer.

Balaji said:   3 years ago
From my point of view, the hexagon (closed figure) loses a side, then it is known as an open figure.

Hamidul Hossain said:   3 years ago
Please give me the correct explanation for the answer.

Sumit said:   6 years ago
Yeah, the third option is right because in third option the closed figure lose it's arm one by one and the opened figure get it's arm. And at the last primarily closed figure lose it's 3 arm and primarily opened figured closed by getting 3 arms.

Rachit Prajapati said:   6 years ago
In third option, the closed figure losses one side, at the same time open figure gains one side.

And it matches the rule given above.

Ankul said:   7 years ago

You can find a particular sequence in the third figure whereas sequence break in all other options. Please look you find it clearly.

Nayan said:   7 years ago
Give me a clear and easy explanation.

Pulak said:   7 years ago
The Option 3 is correct correct one for this question.

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