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To test the IP stack on your local host, which IP address would you ping?
Answer: Option
To test the local stack on your host, ping the loopback interface of
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Pfhine said:   1 decade ago
C is the "BEST" answer (the most traditional). However any of the class A 127 address would work. Try and then (both valid 127 addresses) and compare the PING output. Interesting.

Dhanavel said:   3 years ago
C is the answer.

Loop back address is 127. So that is network Id and is broadcast id. We can check through first valid ip (ie)

Aarav said:   6 years ago
Option C suits correct. As the question asked for host ping.

Wediweree said:   7 years ago should be loop back IP Address.

John said:   7 years ago
Thanks for your explanation!

Smriti said:   6 years ago
Explain it clearly please.

Rajiv Rai said:   7 years ago
Can we use

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