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What multicast addresses does RIPng use?
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RIPng uses the multicast IPv6 address of FF02::9. If you remember the multicast addresses for IPv4, the numbers at the end of each IPv6 address are the same.
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YOGESH SINGH said:   6 years ago
Ff02::1 All nodes on the local network segment.
Ff02::2 All routers on the local network segment.
Ff02::5 OSPFv3 All SPF routers.
Ff02::6 OSPFv3 All DR routers.
Ff02::8 IS-IS for IPv6 routers.
Ff02::9 RIP routers.
Ff02::a EIGRP routers.
Ff02::d PIM routers.
Ff02::16 MLDv2 reports (defined in RFC 3810).
Ff02::1:2 All DHCP servers and relay agents on the local network segment (defined in RFC 3315).
Ff02::1:3 All LLMNR hosts on the local network segment (defined in RFC 4795).
Ff05::1:3 All DHCP servers on the local network site (defined in RFC 3315).
Ff0x::c Simple Service Discovery Protocol.
Ff0x::fb Multicast DNS.
Ff0x::101 Network Time Protocol.
Ff0x::108 Network Information Service.
Ff0x::181 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) version 2 messages (Sync, Announce, etc. ) except peer delay measurement.
Ff02::6b Precision Time Protocol (PTP) version 2 peer delay measurement messages.
Ff0x::114 Used for experiments.

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