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Which command will show you whether a DTE or a DCE cable is plugged into serial 0?

A. sh int s0
B. sh int serial 0
C. show controllers serial 0
D. show serial 0 controllers

Answer: Option C


The show controllers serial 0 command will show you whether either a DTE or DCE cable is connected to the interface. If it is a DCE connection, you need to add clocking with the clock rate command.


You want to totally reinitialize the router and replace the current running-config with the current startup-config. What command will you use?

A. replace run start
B. copy run start
C. copy start run
D. reload

Answer: Option D


To completely replace the running-config with the startup-config, you must reload the router. Note : You may have picked option C, which isn't a bad answer. Remember, though, it doesn't replace the configuration, it appends it.


If you delete the contents of NVRAM and reboot the router, what mode will you be in?

A. Privileged mode
B. Global mode
C. Setup mode
D. NVRAM loaded mode

Answer: Option C


If you delete the startup-config and reload the router, the router will automatically enter setup mode. You can also type setup from privileged mode at any time.


What is the problem with an interface if you type show interface serial 0 and receive the following message? "Serial0 is administratively down, line protocol is down."

A. The keepalives are different times.
B. The administrator has the interface shut down.
C. The administrator is pinging from the interface.
D. No cable is attached.

Answer: Option B


If an interface is shut down, the show interface command will show the interface as administratively shut down. (It is possible that no cable is attached, but you can't tell that from this message.)

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