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What command do you type to save the configuration stored in RAM to NVRAM?

A. Router(config)#copy current to starting
B. Router#copy starting to running
C. Router(config)#copy running-config startup-config
D. Router#copy run startup

Answer: Option D


To copy the running-config to NVRAM so that it will be used if the router is restarted, use the copy running-config startup-config command (copy run start for short).


You type Router#sh ru and receive an % ambiguous command error. Why did you receive this message?

A. The command requires additional options or parameters.
B. There is more than one show command that starts with the letters ru.
C. There is no show command that starts with ru.
D. The command is being executed from the wrong router mode.

Answer: Option B


The % ambiguous command error means that there is more then one possible command that starts with ru. Use a question mark to find the correct command.


If you wanted administrators to see a message when logging into the router, which command would you use?

A. message banner motd
B. banner message motd
C. banner motd
D. message motd

Answer: Option C


The typical banner is a message of the day (MOTD) and is set by using the global configuration mode command banner motd.


How many simultaneous Telnet sessions does a Cisco router support by default?

A. 2
B. 3
C. 4
D. 5

Answer: Option D


Cisco routers, if they do not have the Enterprise edition of the IOS, will default to 5 simultaneous Telnet sessions.


You set the console password, but when you display the configuration, the password doesn't show up; it looks like this:

[output cut]
Line console 0
    Exec-timeout 1 44
    Password 7098C0BQR
[output cut]
What cause the password to be stored like this?

A. encrypt password
B. service password-encryption
C. service-password-encryption
D. exec-timeout 1 35

Answer: Option B


The command service password-encryption, from global configuration mode, will encrypt the passwords.