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The evolutionary record suggests that the first occurrence of multicellularity was in the kingdom
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Ayikabe Moses said:   5 years ago
How can they be eukaryotic with no distinct nuclei? It's confusing.

Munish gangwar said:   7 years ago
Protists are unicellular eukaryotic ex. Paramecium.

Dev said:   8 years ago
I think it is because the kingdom contains both the characters of plantae and Animalia, as well as it is unicellular eukaryotic.

Abhi said:   8 years ago
Protists is unicellular eukaryotic.

S.A.Rahman said:   1 decade ago
Protista is unicellular eukaryotic.

Nida said:   1 decade ago
In this polyphetic organazam is preset which uni to multi cellular.

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