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The efficiency and work ratio of a simple gas turbine cycle are
very low
very high
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Manigandan said:   1 decade ago
70% of the power produced by the turbine is used to run the compressor itself.

Gokul said:   1 decade ago
Because there will be more availability in the exit of the turbine. That's why rankine cycle is used combined with gas power plant.

Jogi pal said:   1 decade ago
Work ratio = (turbine work/net work).

Turbine is used to run the compressor itself.

So, work ratio is very low.

Digvijay singh said:   1 decade ago
Work ratio is = work net/turbine work.

Low because lost of work used to drive compressor.

Shyam said:   1 decade ago
Compressor work is nearly about 40-60% of total work. So work done per specific fuel consumption is less compered to other.

Sudhir said:   1 decade ago
Because work ratio lies between 0 $ 1.

Dheeraj said:   1 decade ago
But it is low how we can say it is very low ?

Anshu maan mishra said:   1 decade ago
The ratio of the actual work output of the turbine to the work output that would be achieved if the process between the inlet state and the exit state was isentropic.

Awinash kumar said:   1 decade ago
Mechanical efficiency of gas turbine is about 95%. It is not clear in question although thermal efficiency is about 15-20%.

Rajkumar said:   10 years ago
Since the specific volume (reciprocal of density) of air is high, the compression of air requires more work. Hence, major fraction of the work developed by the turbine is utilized in driving the compressor. Therefore, the efficiency of the simple gas turbine plant is too low.

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