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A cycle consisting of one constant pressure, one constant volume and two isentropic processes is known as
Carnot cycle
Stirling cycle
Otto cycle
Diesel cycle
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Mani said:   2 weeks ago
I think the correct answer is the Dual cycle.

Vishnu R said:   3 years ago
Answer is duel cycle. Duel cycle only have these two process constant pressure and constant volume.

Divan Ashish said:   4 years ago
Yes, the correct answer is diesel cycle. I too agree.

Soumya said:   4 years ago
Yes, correct answer is diesel cycle.

Mayur said:   4 years ago
The Correct answer is a diesel cycle.

Nitin said:   5 years ago
Yes, in a diesel cycle heat addition is happened at constant pressure.
And fur gases axhausts at constant volume.

Correct answer is diesel cycle.

SPP said:   5 years ago
There are four processes in diesel cycle as follows:

1. Isentropic compression.
2. Constant pressure heat addition.
3. Isentropic expansion.
4. Constant volume of heat rejection.

Simon .k said:   6 years ago
It's D) Diesel cycle.

Mahesh said:   6 years ago
The correct answer is diesel cycle. I agree with the given answer.

Naveen pandi said:   6 years ago
It's a dual cycle because, As the name implies it is a combination of Otto and Diesel cycles. So it consists of 1 isochoric, 1 isobaric and 2 isentropic processes.

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