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In ultra-sonic machining, the metal is removed by
using abrasive slurry between the tool and work
direct contact of tool with the work
maintaining an electrolyte between the work and tool in a very small gap between the two
erosion caused by rapidly recurring spark discharges between the tool and work
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Rakesh said:   9 years ago
Care must be taken that the slurry do not react with work piece.

Murthy said:   10 years ago
In USM the tool will not be in contact with the workpiece. Therefore there is no chance of material removal by the tool. So there must be some means for removing material from the workpiece. The abrasive slurry (water+abrasives) passes through the gap between the tool and work. Due to the frequency of vibrations there will be force acting on the abrasives. With that force the abrasive particles impacts on the work there by removing the small amounts of material from the work.

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