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The cutting speed for counter-boring should be __________ that of drilling operation.
equal to
less than
greater than
Answer: Option
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Jeet said:   3 years ago
Speed of counter boring and counter sinking is 25% less than drilling.

Manish said:   3 years ago
Counterboring produces finish hole and drilling produces rough hole followed by reaming so with high speed surface finish is good.

Walter said:   5 years ago
B. Less than is right.

Rajat bhardwaj said:   5 years ago
B) cutting speed of couterboring and countersinking is atlest 25% lesser than that of drilling.

Anudeep said:   5 years ago
Option B is correct because with an increase in dia speed increases whereas for spindle speed decrease.

GOURANGA SAHOO said:   6 years ago
The correct answer is B.

Prafull said:   6 years ago
It is Less than 0.25 times drilling operation.

Pooja said:   6 years ago
But if speed is more than finishing will not be good and boring is an enlarging operation in which finishing is high so how option C is correct?

S singh said:   6 years ago
Speed of counter boring is half of that of drilling.

Mak said:   6 years ago
I think B is the correct answer.

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