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The lathe spindles are usually made hollow and provided with
internal taper
external taper
internal and external taper
no taper
Answer: Option
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Sunil H. sarjal said:   10 years ago
Lethe spindle - external taper.

Lethe nose - internal taper.

Ishavneet Singh said:   8 years ago
Why does this happen?

Vinod said:   8 years ago
Lathe spindle-external taper.

Sudharshan said:   7 years ago
Why not external taper?

Rupesh farkade said:   6 years ago
External taper is correct.

Rajashekar said:   6 years ago
External taper is correct.

Jagadeesh said:   6 years ago
The external taper is the correct option.

Umesh said:   6 years ago
A) Internal taper is the right answer.

Prof.umesh/tatva said:   6 years ago
The lathe spindles having external screw threads and Internal Taper.

Sachin sharma said:   5 years ago
The spindle is hollow and has an internal Morse taper at the nose end, which makes possible the use of taper shank drills or drill chucks. This internal taper is also used to hold live centers, drive centers, or collet assemblies. The outside of the spindle nose can have either a threaded, a long taper with key drive, or a camlock.

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