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Crater wear occurs mainly on the
nose part, front relief face and side relief face of the cutting tool
face of the cutting tool at a short distance from the cutting edge only
cutting edge only
front face only
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Pooja said:   4 years ago
Crater wear is due to diffusion and abrasion and it occurs in ductile materials where continuous chips occur.

Salahuddin said:   4 years ago
Crater wear is due to the friction between chip and tool rake surface.

I think, In brittle materials, discontinuous chips formed cause this type of wear.

Karthik said:   5 years ago
What is a creater wear &why only in brittle materials?

Jhon Sebastian said:   7 years ago
Crater wear occurs only on full facesitting in which cutting tool is quite away at short distance from the hole.

S Bera said:   7 years ago
Creater wear means material diffuse from the tool face. It create by friction between surface and chip.

Ankit Das Sharma said:   7 years ago
What is crater wear?

Gudlavalleru engineering college said:   9 years ago
Face of the cutting tool at a short distance from the cutting edge only because:

1. Cutting fluid dose not penetrate.

2. Normal stress on rake face is maximum.

3. Temp is maximum.

4. Tool strength strength is minimum.

It can caused by spindle speed is low and a feed rate that is too high in orthogonal cutting this typically occurs.

Banty said:   10 years ago
Crate wear only in brittle material.

Lycan said:   1 decade ago
Crater wear take place at rake face of tool.

Ravi said:   1 decade ago
When cutting action takes place due shearing action chip will flow outwards and after some time due to self weight it will fall again because of this wearing takes place at certain distance.

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