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When the cutting edge of the tool is dull, then during machining
continuous chips are formed
discontinuous chips are formed
continuous chips with built-up edge are formed
no chips are formed
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Virat said:   4 years ago
Due to the blunt cutting edge more heat is generated and hence BUE occurs.

Amir said:   5 years ago
Built up edge:

When the contact between workpiece (W/P) & cutting tool happen then heat will be generated.

And if the heat goes above their melting point then w/p will damage and it causes to the built-up edge.

Ilyas said:   6 years ago
Built up edge.

Decreases surface finish because tool is not contact with the workpiece for some time only buildup edge is in contact with workpiece and its save tool life because tool life is fixed so when the tool is not in contact with workpiece that time is saved but in bookish language you can say that the tool life is increased.

Bipesh kumar said:   7 years ago
When the cutting edge is blunt the contact between tool and metal is more, heat generated will be more, so the chips having high temp stick to the edge of the tool this is known as built up edge.

Fawad said:   7 years ago
When the Cutting edge is sharp then small segmented chips are produced but when cutting edge is dull then temperature increases at work surface and workpiece become red hot and malleable so the chips formed are continued not segmented.

Mudit said:   7 years ago
How the continuous chip will be formed? Please explain.

Rahul said:   8 years ago
Built of edge means at the time of machining more heat generate at that time material chance to melt and this metal material stick on the toll that condition.

Karthik said:   8 years ago
Yes, the formation of BUE is clear. But can one explain why the continuous chips?

Urvashi said:   8 years ago
Ok BUE but How continuous Chip possible with dull edge?

I din't get it please explain.

D rahul said:   8 years ago
Build up edge means deposition of chips on cutting edge of the cutting tool.

Built up edge,

(1) Reduces surface finish.

(2) Increases tool life.

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