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prescribes the sequence of operations to be followed
determines the programme for the operations
is concerned with the starting of processes
regulates the progress of job through various processes
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Ganeshr said:   3 years ago

Thanks for the information.

Luis Sonowal said:   5 years ago
1. Planning
2. Routing: Direction, the sequence of operations.
3. Scheduling: order of priority. Time table of production.
4. Loading: Determine who will do the work.
5. Dispatching: Actual start of the process of production.
6. Follow-up: keep track of the work effort.

Lucky said:   7 years ago
The dispatching is the most important activity of the production, planning and control. It is defined as the physical release of work authorization to a operating facility (men, machine) in accordance with a previously established plan developed by routing and scheduling functions.

Fesgerhgsrgs said:   9 years ago
Dispatching means sending and starting of process.

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