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Which of the following type of layout is suitable for automobile manufacturing concern?
product layout
process layout
fixed position layout
combination layout
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Pradosh said:   4 years ago
I think the answer is D.

Suraj Nanaware said:   4 years ago
Process layout is a machine of similar operation arranged at one place & Product layout - machines are sequenced on the basis of operation.

That's why in the automobile industry as parts manufactured differently and assembled in sequence.

Deba Prakash said:   4 years ago
In product layout machines are arranged according to the sequence of operations to be performed on the job. So this layout is used in automobile manufacturing industry.

Naeem said:   5 years ago
A product layout groups different workstations together according to the products they work on while in process layout groups workstations together according to the activities being performed.

Nitin said:   6 years ago
What is difference between product and process layout?

Abhilash said:   6 years ago
Because each part of the automobile is manufactured differently.

Taking into account that each part is a product then final assembly of the product is taken in another place.

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