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The main object of scientific layout is

[A]. to produce better quality of product
[B]. to utilise maximum floor area
[C]. to minimise production delays
[D]. all of these

Answer: Option D


No answer description available for this question.

Raviteja said: (Apr 11, 2014)  
Here the question is that, only the main scientific and maximum floor here it is not related, option A must be close.

Sidharth Jain said: (Oct 13, 2014)  
Option A does not seem to be any where closely related to object of scientific layout.

Umakant said: (Jan 4, 2017)  
What is the exact meaning of scientific layout?

Anyone, please tell me.

Richard said: (Mar 14, 2017)  
I think layout is related with floor Space utilization and material handling so B and C can be answer.

Mendes said: (May 27, 2017)  
The Scientific layout is the floor plan aimed to hold up the production activity, so all the above option D is correct.

Raushan Kumar said: (Aug 29, 2017)  
I think scientific layout is A option is right answer but product is better quality and maximum or minimum is not actual answer.

Sidharth Chhotaray said: (Dec 27, 2017)  
I think that the using of maximum floor area is not a best scientific layout, it should be minimized so that the rate of production will be maximum.

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