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Line organisation is suitable for a big organisation.
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Sachin said:   2 years ago
Line organization is also known as military organization in this organization you can identify the sugar, oil and paper can noticed.

Siddu said:   5 years ago
Staff organisations is for big.

Line organisations for small organisations.

Anil said:   7 years ago
Then which organization suitable here?

Sambhu jana said:   7 years ago
I think A is the right answer.

AMAL said:   8 years ago
Military operations there are many groups which have single, most experienced commander. So, it is not that whole military is one whole unit though they work as one unit.

One group is assigned one task while the other group something different which is lead by one single person, so we can say that military have line organisation.

Ishant said:   9 years ago
In line organization the authority flows downward and responsibility flows upward. Which is not suitable for a big organization there responsibility must flow in both directions.

Saurabh shukla said:   9 years ago
Then which type of organisation would be preferred here?

Saurabh Bhange said:   10 years ago
In line organisation every individual is supposed to report to only superior executive. In large organisation where there are many departments working simultaneously, it is not possible to make them answer only one boss. But large organisation prefers to have many bosses.

(Answer to Ms.Shipra is may be that because in military there is only one department, hence they can work with line organisation structure. ).

Shipra said:   10 years ago
Military is a big organisation & it follows line organisation so why this question is incorrect?

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