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In induction hardening, the depth of hardening is controlled by controlling the voltage.
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Periyamahalingam said:   9 years ago
Controlled by frequency?

Kapil said:   9 years ago
How controlled by frequency?

Gani@1314821 said:   8 years ago
Induction imparts a high surface hardness with a deep case capable of handling extremely high loads. Fatigue strength is increased by the development of a soft core surrounded by an extremely tough outer layer. These properties are desirable for parts that experience torsional loading and surfaces that experience impact forces. Induction processing is performed one part at a time allowing for very predictable dimensional movement from part to part.

Shivam chayal said:   8 years ago
The depth of hardening is controlled by frequency only.

Aji said:   7 years ago
Correct answer is frequency only.

Dhiyanu said:   6 years ago
Voltage is directly proportional to frequency. So by controlling the voltage, we can control the frequency. So the answer is correct.

Vinay BEL said:   4 years ago
Yes, the Correct answer is frequency.

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