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An eutectoid steel consists of
wholly pearlite
wholly austenite
pearlite and ferrite
pearlite and cementite
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Chandu said:   5 years ago
The steel have only 0.8% carbon contain called eutectoid steel & the steel has 0 to 0.8% carbon contain called hypo eutectoid steel & steel have contained 0.8 to 2.1% carbon called hyper-eutectic steel.

Kajal sharma said:   6 years ago
By lever rule, we can get the solid and liquid composition in a compound in iron carbon diagram.

Paramveer said:   6 years ago
Is it possible to get 100% pearlite at hypo or hyper eutectoid steel? Give Reason.

Emmanuel said:   7 years ago
The mixture of pearlite and cementite is what?

Ganapathi said:   7 years ago
@Kanugula Rav.

Lever rule means?

K.Harish said:   8 years ago
The Steels which contains 0.77% carbon are known as Eutectoid Steels. It consists of wholly Pearlite. The steels which contains less than 0.77% carbon are known as hypo eutectoid steels. It consists of pearlite and proeutectoid ferrite. The steels which contains greater than 0.77% carbon are known as hyper eutectoid steels. It consists of pearlite and proeutectoid cementite.

Balakrishna said:   8 years ago
Steel which contain 0.8% of carbon its known as eutectoid steel, pearlite contain cementite and ferrite. So it was wholly pearlite.

Kanugula ravi said:   9 years ago
Eutectiod steel contains 100% of pearlite, which is consisting of 0.8% of carbon and in which that 100% pearlite contains 88% ferrite and and 12% cementite according to lever rule.

Shyam loves rupali said:   9 years ago
Pearlite = Cementite+Ferrite.

Raman kumar jha said:   9 years ago
The eutectoid composition of ferrite and cementite is referred to as pearlite.

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