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Specify the sequence correctly
Grain growth, recrystallisation, stress relief
Stress relief, grain growth, recrystallisation
Stress relief, recrystallisation, grain growth
Grain growth, stress relief, recrystallisation
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P.naveen said:   1 year ago
The metal is heated to upper critical temperature and also stress will be reduced after atoms are re-generated.

So, the grains are formed.

Hassanain Ali said:   2 years ago
Actually, the metal is heated above the crystallization temper then stress is rest.

Bala murugan said:   5 years ago
When metals are subjected to cold working stress induced so to relieve the stress annealing is done (annealing means cooling in the furnace itself) so at that condition re crystallization occurs and grain growth starts. This process also improve the ductility of the worked metals.

Vishal Bhosale said:   5 years ago
For stress relief the Metal is heated up to recrystallization temperature at that temp stress relief takes place then metal starts cooling simultaneously the crystallization takes place and henceforth the grain growth takes place.

Mani said:   6 years ago
Actually metallurgy point of its recovery recrystallization and grain growth.

Bhanu Pratap said:   7 years ago
Hardening > tempering > annealing > normalising.

Dinakar reddy said:   7 years ago
Simple analogy: at recrystallization, new grains form, once new grains form they start to grow, so the order is recrystallization and then grain growth, there is only one option which follows this analogy.

RAHUL KUMAR ROY said:   7 years ago
Annealing consists of three stages mainly recovery, recrystallization and grain growth. In recovery, the stresses are reduced with the dislocations and further with recrystallisation the molecules recombine together or nucleate together and leads to grain growth.

J.Durga vara prasad said:   8 years ago
When metal is heating to corresponding crystallization temperature of metal the internal stresses of metal are relieved then start re-crystallization that means forming of another crystal structure then metal will cooling during this process grain grow-thing is takes place.

Manisha chemate said:   8 years ago
After annealing the metal is heated above the crystallization temper and then stress relief.

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