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Which of the following statement is true about brittle fracture?
High temperature and low strain rates favour brittle fracture
Many metals with hexagonal close packed (H.C.P) crystal structure commonly show brittle fracture
Brittle fracture is always preceded by noise
Cup and cone formation is characteristic for brittle materials
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Arshad said:   6 years ago
Hcp is brittle than fcc and bcc.

As Hcp has fewer slip planes which makes it more brittle compared to the other two.

Appi said:   6 years ago
Yes, hcp structure is ductile.

Anil said:   7 years ago
HCP structure is ductile not brittle.

Michael said:   8 years ago
Materials that contain closed packed structures depends on the least energy to sudden fracture due to the large dislocation of each atom to the other easily without spending energy In vacuum spaces.

However, the more the atoms are packed the easier to deformation due any stress takes a place.

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