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The coordination number of a face centred cubic space lattice is
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Sssrk said:   5 years ago
Simple cubic 6, body centered cubic 8, face centered cubic 12, hexagonal closed pack 12.

Divyesh said:   5 years ago
Six is the right answer.

Ahmed said:   5 years ago
Yes, correct @Afrasiyab.

Take any atom of the unit cell and count the number of bonds (from atoms of the adjacent unit also).

A k bharti said:   7 years ago
Number of atoms in face-centered cubic is 14, then what is co-ordination number?

K.Harish (IIIT) said:   8 years ago
The number of nearest-neighbor or touching atoms are called coordination number. The coordination number for fcc is 12. So its atomic packing factor is 74%.

Afrasiyab said:   9 years ago
Fcc 12 hcp 12 bcc 8.

Manoj said:   10 years ago
1 - The coordination number of a face centered cubic space lattice is 14.
2 - The coordination number of a Body centered cubic space lattice is 9.
3 - The coordination number of a hexagonal space lattice is 17.

Shiva said:   1 decade ago
Total no.of atoms in FCC structure = 14.

What is coordination number?

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