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The steel widely used for motor car crankshafts is
nickel steel
chrome steel
nickel-chrome steel
silicon steel
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Venkat said:   6 years ago
Chrome steel is the right answer because nickel and chrome steel is shock resistance only. But chrome steel is tensile, hardness, compress, shear, shock property.

So, answer B is correct.

Ravi said:   7 years ago
Answer should be C.

HARE KRISHNA said:   8 years ago
In steel containing 3.25% nickel, 1.5% chromium and 0.25% carbon is known as nickel chrome steel.

Nickel produces toughening effect and chromium produce hardening effect.

Used for armour plates, motor car crankshafts, axles, gears etc.

Pinku ram bajwa said:   8 years ago
Both nickel and chrome steel are used in motor car crankshafts.

Harpreet Automobile said:   10 years ago
Nickel-Chrome Steel is used.

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