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The material widely used for making pendulums of clocks is
stainless steel
high speed steel
heat resisting steel
nickel steel
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Prasad rajan said:   6 years ago
Pendulum time period is directly propotionl to lenth of pendulum so length does not change with temperaturw variationtion steel with 36 percentage of nical is called invar metal its exbits almoat zero cofficient of thermal expamsion so it used for pendulum bob.

Harshal said:   6 years ago
The length of pendulum has is a variable involved to calculate it's time period. If length changes due to variation of temperature from day to night or due to seasons it's accuracy will lost.

Rajesh Rank said:   7 years ago
But clock won't produce that much of heat, simply using nickel steel increases cost, right?

Ajith said:   7 years ago
Invar steel is used for this purpose. It contains 36% Ni.

Shiva said:   7 years ago
Invar is an alloy of Ni-Steel with 36% Ni, and it has almost 0 coeff of expansion, so it can be used as pendulums for clock.

Ejith said:   7 years ago
Nickel is having low co-efficient of thermal expansion. It does not undergo contract or expansion at high or low temperature. So nickel is used.

Arjun B M said:   8 years ago
Why? Explain.

Anil said:   8 years ago
Why use only nickel steel?

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