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In radial tyres
one ply layer runs diagonally one way and another layer runs diagonally the other way
all plies run parallel to one another and vertical to tyre bead
inner tubes are always used
none of these
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Henry said:   4 years ago
Plies are place parallel to one another thread/orientation wise - the web provides images, where the a tire structure have a group of threads called "plies", are placed on angular direction and placed one after the other - this one is labelled to as thread belts" which can be either nylon/fabric/any other strengthening material and are place in top of BODY PLIES - Body Plies are placed crossing the tire bead which refer to circular.

Jai small said:   9 years ago
In radial tyres the plies are arranged parallel to one another but 90 degree to the wheel.

SUMIT DUBEY said:   7 years ago
Tyre plies cut on tyre bead parallel each other and plies are vertical to tyre bead.

Gireesh Babu .A.P said:   9 years ago
Sir, Please explain it with the help of diagram.

Gnanasekaran.M said:   8 years ago
Please define it in detail about radial tyres.

Fadhil Ringo said:   5 years ago
Please explain in briefly.

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