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A traction control system (TCS) in automobiles controls the
vibrations on the steering wheel
engine power during acceleration
torque that is transmitted by the tyres to the road surface
stopping distance in case of emergency
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Viral Bajaniya said:   5 years ago
Traction control system properly distributes the torque according to a situation which wheel is slipping.

Waqas khan said:   7 years ago
What is the Speed range could Control by TCS? Is it 20KM/H.

Rakesh said:   8 years ago
In LSD if two tyres are two different surfaces then LSD supply two different torque to the tyre.

Vijay said:   9 years ago
Traction control system which helps in stability of car on the road during acceleration. It stops the wheel spin by reducing the engine power or by applying he brakes to that wheel temporarily and allowing the car accelerate, even on slippery surfaces.

Jai small said:   9 years ago
ABS helps to prevent wheel slip when a vehicle is braking in slippery conditions, while Traction control is useful whenever you are trying to accelerate in low-friction conditions. These conditions include when roads are wet, snowy, icy, uneven, or poorly maintained.

Siva Kumar Gollapudi said:   10 years ago
Kindly tell some thing more about TCS?

Mallikarjun Sadlapur said:   1 decade ago
The basic mode of TCS is LSD-Limited Slip Differential.

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