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If the engine coolant leaks into the engine oil, then engine oil
appears milky
becomes foamy
turns black
none of these
Answer: Option
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K.manoj said:   6 years ago
Engine oil is nonpolar and violent is polar if both mix there it forms sludge particles which is in white colour and it also causes for engine Chemical wear.

Muralidharan r said:   8 years ago
Which type of the coolant is essential?

Sanjeet Kumar said:   1 year ago
Yes, Milky is the correct answer.

Dev said:   4 years ago
Color is milky.

Anant said:   5 years ago
Yes, its colour is milky.

Mirkuz said:   5 years ago
Which type of coolant is used? Please give details about it.

T NAVIN KUMAR said:   7 years ago
If engine oil and coolant mix then engine oil colour is light pink.

Omprakash said:   7 years ago
It is milky because of the coolant and oil doesn't mix properly it may be water or other gas. If the coolant is leaked in an engine in these the reaction is exothermic.

Liberation of gas so colour is milky.

Rudhrakumar said:   7 years ago
In our India, 50/50 range coolant is good.

Sankara narayanan said:   1 decade ago
Coolant oil colour is blue, then the engine oil color is black then the mixing the colour is white (or) milky.

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