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If the engine coolant leaks into the engine oil, then engine oil
appears milky
becomes foamy
turns black
none of these
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Sankara narayanan said:   1 decade ago
Coolant oil colour is blue, then the engine oil color is black then the mixing the colour is white (or) milky.

Mallikarjun Sadlapur said:   1 decade ago
Since coolant and engine oils are both two separate insoluble entities, when they get mixed in the engine the formation of microbubbles starts taking place due to high engine revs. This causes the mixture which appears to be milky.

Kashi said:   10 years ago
They had not mentioned about which coolant it is. There are engines which cooled by water. Suppose this engine cooled by water, if this coolant leaked to the engine oil, the oil remain black.

Ghanshyam barde said:   10 years ago
But while mix engine coolant in oil should becomes into the foamy.

Mars said:   9 years ago
Practically when engine oil and coolant water comes into contact it changes. So therefore we say it turns milky.

Kalyan said:   9 years ago
Engine coolant is a combination of some form of glycol and water. Glycol presents several problems when mixed with engine oil. First is, it does not boil away, like water. So it turns engine oil brown & milky.

Suresh said:   9 years ago
Here not mentioned which type of coolant used. Mostly we use water as coolant then it become black because oil is black.

Biswajeet said:   8 years ago
Hear no mention which type of coolant, it may vary as per coolant.

Sam said:   8 years ago
Which type of coolant is good?

Muralidharan r said:   8 years ago
Which type of the coolant is essential?

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