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It is necessary to maintain the valve clearances as they
reduce the resistance to sliding that occurs between the cam and the tappet
allow for lengthening of the valves owing to the heat of combustion
increase the speed at which the valves move up and down
make the crankshaft turn smoothly
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Suhail said:   3 years ago
The valve stem and rocker arm. It's called valve lash.

Md Mazhar Quresh said:   5 years ago
It's is mainly do for poor pickup vehicle.

Pradeep GK said:   6 years ago
Tappet is basically a cup that creates a clean, secure seat for the valve stem and the valve return spring. It also provides a flat plane to smoothly follow the cam lobe.

Machaan said:   7 years ago
Rocker arm is not the valve tappet.

Simply valve tappet is the follower of the cam. Cam activate the valve tappet. Valve tappet activate the rocker arm push Road. Push rod moves The rocker arm. And Rocker arms control the valves.

Mohan said:   7 years ago
What is tappet?

Pankaj said:   7 years ago
The tappet is only a type of screw which is located on the rocker, By tappet screw adjustment we maintain a gap between valve and rocker.

Kishore samantaray said:   7 years ago
Agee @Mahadev.

Valve clearance is the gap between tappet surface and cam(opposite side of lobe). The gap is provided to ensure about the closing of the valve only.

Basavaraj sh said:   8 years ago
What is tappet valve adjustment and why?

Jothimani c said:   9 years ago
Owing means and why we necessary maintain.

C.V.Rajesh said:   9 years ago
Valve tappets are nothing but rocker arms.

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