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It is necessary to maintain the valve clearances as they
reduce the resistance to sliding that occurs between the cam and the tappet
allow for lengthening of the valves owing to the heat of combustion
increase the speed at which the valves move up and down
make the crankshaft turn smoothly
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Shubham fawade said:   9 years ago
What's the tappet?

Sudha said:   9 years ago
What is valve tappet?

Pravin said:   9 years ago
Valve clearance is necessary for the protection of valve from damaging due to rapid heat which generates while combustion stroke. Due to heat, valve gets elongated. And the clearance will help the valve at this stage.

Rajesh said:   10 years ago
The Main use of valve clearance is at the time of engine running high amount of heat is generated so that a metal has expandable in nature so valve clearance is must. So if valve clearance is not there it may chance to leak the power from cylinder at high temperature conditions.

Abhilash dubey said:   10 years ago
Valve clearance is the difference in space between valve tappet and cam. Measured with the help of Filler gauge.

Mahadev said:   10 years ago
After power stroke some of heat is passed through valves that continuous process make elongation of valves if we did did not give any clearance valves will get damaged then the proper opening of the valves becomes difficult.

Suma said:   10 years ago
Because when metal gets heated up, then the metal becomes soft and elongation takes place. So, clearance is necessary to valves. If there is no clearance, when the valve becomes hot there is no place to elongation and valve will be damaged.

Kumaran said:   1 decade ago
What is valve clearances?

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