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The motion of the cam is transferred to the valves through
rocker arms
camshaft pulley
valve stems
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David said:   5 years ago
The rocker arm transfers motion from the camshaft to the valves.

Williams innocent said:   5 years ago
Most engines valve are been controlled by the cam shaft through the help of crack shaft belt or chain.

Anomie said:   5 years ago
Push tube is the correct answer.

Anish yadav said:   6 years ago
Rocker arm is the correct answer.

Gokul said:   6 years ago
Rocker is the one of the main parts of engine neelesh what you know about automobile you are very weak in this section.

Neelesh said:   6 years ago
Rocker arms means?

KARTHIK said:   7 years ago
Rocker arms contain the cams.

Vishnu said:   7 years ago
This is happening only the engine having overhead valve mechanism, and now most of the modern vehicle having overhead valve mechanism.

Kolli kishore said:   8 years ago
Rocker is the link which is placed between cams and the valves. Due to the motion of cams the rocker arm moves then the value gets motion.

Selvam cr said:   8 years ago
Nowadays, valves are directly controlled by cam shaft. Rocker arm also needs a push rod to control the valves. That why we don't go for the rocker arm.

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