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The motion of the cam is transferred to the valves through
rocker arms
camshaft pulley
valve stems
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C.V.Rajesh said:   8 years ago
The main role of cam shaft is to transmit the power push rods-rocker arm-engine valves. The cam shaft powered by crankshaft by means of gears.

Now a day all engines valves are operated by cam shaft directly with out any push rods and rocker arms.

Ram said:   8 years ago
What is the revolution of camshaft while crankshaft revolve on time?

Jawad said:   9 years ago
What is calibrated which engine use in calibrated?

Prasath said:   9 years ago
In pushrod engine, rocker arm transmits power to the valve. But in some of the engines (OHC, DOHC) camshaft directly transmits power to the valves.

Raviteja said:   10 years ago
Camshaft helps the the valves to inlet and outlet of combusted air, some may possess pulleys drives and some may possess directly through chain.

Leelakrishna said:   10 years ago
Power from main engine shaft is taken by the cam during running conditions. And the cam will transfer this power to the rocker arm because of its point contact. And finally this power will transfer to valve through its stem.

Deepak B said:   10 years ago
But most of the engine the power from camshaft is transmitted through camshaft pulley belt drives to valves.

Dipen maity said:   10 years ago
But in some engine the cam is directly operate the valve. There is no rocker arm. A seem is placed between valve stem and cam.

This seem is calibrated.

Sidusri said:   1 decade ago
Rocker arms contain the cams to give motion to the values timing.

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