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The portion of a crankshaft which rests on cylinder block is called main journal.
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Foster said:   1 year ago
How does the main journal transfer power from the source? Please explain.

Mutegewilly said:   4 years ago
How do main journal works during its process of mechanism?

Umeshrt99 said:   4 years ago
The centrally located coaxial cylindrical journal known as the main journal and the offset cylindrical crankpins known as the rod journal form the basic parts of the crankshaft.

The main journal rests on the block rotating about at a fixed point around the main bearing. The rod journal is connected to the connecting rod through the rod bearing and thus revolves as the connecting rod moves up and down.

Prasanta biswal said:   4 years ago
What is main journal?

Nithish said:   5 years ago
Thanks all for explaining.

Muthu said:   6 years ago
It transmits power from source.

Sachin c t said:   6 years ago
No, the cylinder block rests on the crankshaft.

Not the crankshaft rests on the cylinder block.

Rajkumar ahirwar said:   6 years ago
Yes, I am not understanding this. Explain it clearly.

Govind Deshmukh said:   6 years ago
Yes, crankshaft rotates in aligned on cylinder block.

Abdul Sattar said:   6 years ago
Carnkshaft to motion cylinder block.

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