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What type of bearing is used for main bearings and connecting rod bearings ?
Plain bearings
Needle roller bearing
Taper roller bearing
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Mallikarjun Sadlapur said:   1 decade ago
The main reason behind using plain bearings is primarily for its high load bearing capacity since it offers maximum bearing contact surface. Secondly, the friction for this bearing will be a little higher compared to other types of bearings but it will be overcome with suitable lubrication arrangements. Third important point is that this is they only bearing type that can be split and assembled for easy installation as in case of crankshafts.

Ravi said:   4 years ago
A thin oil film is formed between shell which is fitted into bigger size of connecting rod and pin of crank shaft so that there is not metal to metal contact. It is shell bearings or plain not hydrodynamic.

Suhail said:   3 years ago
Connecting rod big end and crankshafts main bearing plain or journal or shell bearing and Connecting rod small end bearing is bush bearing.

Naveen said:   7 years ago
Plain bearing is to reduce the friction in sudden fuctuation loads @nd more economy the ball bearing and roller baering.

DHANANJAY BHILE said:   1 decade ago
This type of bearing offers minimum friction then other. In case of high fluctuation speed & load.

Rajesh said:   9 years ago
Instead of saying plane bearings we can call it as journal bearing.

Suresh Kumar said:   8 years ago
It can take axial and thrust load during working condition.

Arvind CA said:   4 years ago
Actually plain bearing is also called as Journal bearings.

Pankaj said:   7 years ago

No it is not a hydrodynamic bearing.

K.manoj said:   6 years ago
Thank you all for giving the correct explanations.

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