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What type of bearing is used for main bearings and connecting rod bearings ?
Plain bearings
Needle roller bearing
Taper roller bearing
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Arvind CA said:   4 years ago
Actually plain bearing is also called as Journal bearings.

Praveen said:   4 years ago
This also called as cell bearing.

K.manoj said:   6 years ago
Thank you all for giving the correct explanations.

Sumit said:   7 years ago
What is plain bearing? Describe in detail.

Naveen said:   7 years ago
Plain bearing is to reduce the friction in sudden fuctuation loads @nd more economy the ball bearing and roller baering.

Vignesh said:   7 years ago
Good and superb explanation.

Anuj said:   6 years ago
Thanks for explaining the answer.

Suhail said:   3 years ago
Connecting rod big end and crankshafts main bearing plain or journal or shell bearing and Connecting rod small end bearing is bush bearing.

DHANANJAY BHILE said:   1 decade ago
This type of bearing offers minimum friction then other. In case of high fluctuation speed & load.

Suhailkd said:   3 years ago
I think it is Shell bearing.

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