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The torque available at the contact between driving wheels and road is known as
brake effort
tractive effort
clutch effort
none of these
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Simon said:   5 years ago
What is Tractive control sensor?

MOHIT SHARMA said:   5 years ago
Tractive effort is defined as the force at the rims or the outer edges of the driving wheels of moving trains.

Karthick Devaraj said:   7 years ago

The Tractive effort is not as you said.

It is the force available at the driving wheels and it is not torque at all.

Tractive force= Engine torque*Gear Ratio*Final drive/ Wheel Radius

Arun said:   7 years ago
What is meant by clutch effort?

Vinod yadav said:   8 years ago
It's the clear description of tractive effort.

A.Vinoth kumar said:   8 years ago
T = Weight X coefficient of friction.

K Manjunath said:   8 years ago
What is a tractive effort? Can you tell me, I couldn't understand it ?

Lucky said:   1 decade ago
Tractive effort is the force generated by a vehicle's engine or motor in order to generate motion through tractive force. Tractive effort differs from tractive force, which is the actual force applied at the road surface, by the amount of rolling resistance present. In mathematical terms,

Tractive Effort = Tractive Force + Rolling Resistance.

Tractive effort is a function of vehicle speed and can refer to tractive effort available or tractive effort required:

Tractive effort available: maximum tractive effort of a vehicle as limited by the available power (or at low speeds, friction).

Tractive effort required: the amount of tractive effort required to overcome the resistive forces caused by rolling resistance, air resistance, grade, and/or drawbar pull.

Sathya said:   1 decade ago
Tractive effort means actual force applied at the road surface, by the amount of rolling resistance present.

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