Logical Reasoning - Statement and Conclusion - Discussion

In each question below is given a statement followed by two conclusions numbered I and II. You have to assume everything in the statement to be true, then consider the two conclusions together and decide which of them logically follows beyond a reasonable doubt from the information given in the statement.

Give answer:

  • (A) If only conclusion I follows
  • (B) If only conclusion II follows
  • (C) If either I or II follows
  • (D) If neither I nor II follows and
  • (E) If both I and II follow.


Statements: Video libraries are flourishing very much these days.


  1. People in general have got a video craze.
  2. It is much cheaper to see as many movies as one likes on videos rather than going to the cinema hall.

[A]. Only conclusion I follows
[B]. Only conclusion II follows
[C]. Either I or II follows
[D]. Neither I nor II follows
[E]. Both I and II follow

Answer: Option E


Since both I and II provide suitable explanations to the given statement, so both follow.

Prathmesh said: (Mar 17, 2012)  
Can Anyone Justify that How conclusion II follows under the light of the statement ?

Santanu said: (May 31, 2012)  
yes conclusion 2 can be challenged....people may not have ample spare time to got to the cinema halls to watch movies....for them to watch the films at home using the videos is easier....so i think only conclusion one should be followed

Ayvin said: (Sep 9, 2013)  
I agree with the comments above. II does not follow "beyond reasonable doubt" from the statement, because it is easy to find other likely explanations.

In fact I think the whole question is vague, because the statement could also be a result of cinema halls recently closing down, offering no alternative for people who want to watch videos. This could cause video libraries to flourish without an apparent "video craze". I think this is too circumstantial to be called logic, even though it's a likely explanation.

Evan said: (Oct 14, 2013)  
Craze: To cause to become mentally deranged or obsessed; make insane. Seems to be a bit of a leap to say that people have a "video craze. ".

Ashish Sharma said: (Nov 19, 2015)  
Second conclusion seems to be vague as the statement is completely different from what it says.

Shivansh said: (Nov 30, 2017)  
Why E?

There is nothing said about the prices of the library and for example, it could be that People find it convenient to watch them anywhere they want like on phones rather going to cinemas. There could multiple reasons how can you be so specific on cost factor i.e. 2nd statement?

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