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Directions to Solve

In each question below is given a statement followed by two conclusions numbered I and II. You have to assume everything in the statement to be true, then consider the two conclusions together and decide which of them logically follows beyond a reasonable doubt from the information given in the statement.

Give answer:

  • (A) If only conclusion I follows
  • (B) If only conclusion II follows
  • (C) If either I or II follows
  • (D) If neither I nor II follows and
  • (E) If both I and II follow.


Statements: This world is neither good nor evil; each man manufactures a world for himself.


  1. Some people find this world quite good.
  2. Some people find this world quite bad.
Only conclusion I follows
Only conclusion II follows
Either I or II follows
Neither I nor II follows
Both I and II follow
Answer: Option
The statement mentions that the world for a man is as he makes it himself. So, some people might find it good and some quite bad. Thus, both I and II follow.
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Akansha said:   8 months ago
I think it should be either 1 or 2.

Sarah said:   3 years ago
True, it should definitely be Either I or II follows.

Rishika said:   4 years ago
It's either 1 or 2.

UDAY SINGH said:   4 years ago
Why can't we mark its answer in either 1 or 2?

Pusycrusher3000 said:   8 years ago
There can be a case where all men see the world as good, or all men see the world as bad.

Vishakha said:   8 years ago
I think the answer should be (c) Either I or II follows. Statement I follows statement II and vice versa.

Someone, please clarify clearly.

Adit Munshi said:   10 years ago
Shouldn't the answer to this question be (c) either I or II follows?

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