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In each question below is given a statement followed by three assumptions numbered I, II and III. You have to consider the statement and the following assumptions, decide which of the assumptions is implicit in the statement and choose your answer accordingly.


Statement: "Use Riya cold cream for fair complexion." - An advertisement.


  1. People like to use cream for fair complexion.
  2. People are easily fooled.
  3. People respond to advertisements.

Only I is implicit
Only I and II are implicit
Only II is implicit
Only I and III are implicit
None of these
Answer: Option
Assumption I follows from the statement and so it is implicit. II is vague and so it is not implicit. Also, advertisements are given with the hope that people would know the qualities of the product and buy it. So, III is implicit.
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Jaydev said:   10 years ago
People like fair complexion. It can be implied. People like to USE cold cream can't be implied.

IAmDisappoint said:   10 years ago
Exactly, and since III did not have it's own option I had only a dissatisfied E left.

Somebody telling you to use something does not apply you already liking it. If someone advertise a new product that hasn't existed before it is impossible for people to like this product for that usage. You can still make that advertisement.

This is the 5th question. I give up. This site is rubbish. You even had 4 months to fix the questions on most of the failures.

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