Logical Reasoning - Statement and Argument - Discussion

Each question given below consists of a statement, followed by two arguments numbered I and II. You have to decide which of the arguments is a 'strong' argument and which is a 'weak' argument.

Give answer:

  • (A) If only argument I is strong
  • (B) If only argument II is strong
  • (C) If either I or II is strong
  • (D) If neither I nor II is strong and
  • (E) If both I and II are strong.


Statement: Should new big industries be started in Mumbai?


  1. Yes. It will create job opportunities.
  2. No. It will further add to the pollution of the city.

[A]. Only argument I is strong
[B]. Only argument II is strong
[C]. Either I or II is strong
[D]. Neither I nor II is strong
[E]. Both I and II are strong

Answer: Option C


Opening up of new industries is advantageous in opening more employment avenues, and disadvantageous in that it adds to the pollution. So, either of the arguments holds strong.

Vibha Jambhulkar said: (Jul 24, 2011)  
I think both the reasons should be true at a time, because as the big industry is started it will increase the job opportunities as well as will lead to increase in pollution at the same instance.

Nitish said: (Feb 1, 2012)  
Agree with @Vibha Jambhulkar.

I think both are true. Pollution is other effect of industrilization. You can't ignore them on either basis. They are true at tha same time.

Deepak said: (Feb 20, 2012)  
Agree with Vibha & Nitish:

Both statements are very strong So I think it should be [E].
If not then plz explain it.

Sundar said: (Aug 30, 2012)  
Does software industry too create pollution in the city while comparing other hardware manufacturing industries?

I hope the given answer is correct.

Yuvi Vino said: (Sep 15, 2013)  
Let me explain guys.

On the outset, if you consider the 1st argu. As strong argument on the basis of job opportunities, then automatically 2nd argument becomes weak.

Similarly, if you consider the 2nd argu. As strong on the basis of Environment, then automatically 1st argument becomes weak.

So at a time, either I or II will be strong. So the given answer is correct.

Neha said: (Oct 23, 2013)  
Argument I is strong enough but argument is not necessarily true. I think only first argument is strong.

Nkaore said: (Jan 11, 2014)  
Can anyone tell me how to choose between options C and E.

How to know whether its either of the statement or both the statements.

Anunay said: (Jun 9, 2015)  
None of the aspects can be taken for granted so it should be E.

Trishul said: (Jul 10, 2015)  
Why should not it be only option B? Surely setting big industries elsewhere would also create job opportunities without adding more pollution to an already over-polluted city like Mumbai.

Sandeep said: (Jul 12, 2015)  
Option should be E. Both option are strong enough.

Abhishek said: (Sep 9, 2015)  
Both are correct.

Pooji said: (Dec 4, 2015)  
Then what about the industries which is already existed.

Akhana said: (Jan 15, 2016)  
How to differentiate between C and E?

Akash said: (Mar 28, 2016)  
I think that both options are strong simultaneously.

Bindhu said: (Apr 28, 2016)  
I think both the arguments are strong. Then why it can't be option E.

A Surendhar said: (Sep 16, 2016)  
I think both the arguments are strong, so the answer may be option E.

Kartik Agarwal said: (Dec 21, 2016)  
Both of them are correct and in an exam like CAT generally, we don't get the option of either or.

Prasad said: (Jan 31, 2017)  
We use either when both arguments will lead to a solution independently. That is both are yes or both are no along with strong.

Mohammad Naseem Khan said: (Feb 11, 2017)  
I think E option is more correct. Because if industries are opened there would be more jobs as well as an increment in pollution. The Software industry is a special case. We can not suppose special case because argument should be taken in a broad sense.

Tanishka said: (Nov 4, 2017)  
Option E should be correct. It is clearly more appropriate, as you cannot compare pollution and job creation on 'either' basis. They are two different parameters.

Sachin Palwe said: (Nov 7, 2017)  
The correct option should be A. Any industry opened is going to require employees, so argument 1 holds good. Now, nowhere it is mentioned about the type of industries, so it remains a conditional thing whether it would be polluting or not. So, only assumption 1 is strong and valid. So, A should be the answer.

Satyam Gujar said: (Mar 18, 2018)  
When two arguments are given, one states advantage of the statement and other States disadvantage of statements (but both should be strong).

Prupan said: (Feb 28, 2019)  
How to differentiate between either is strong and both are strong?

Because in my opinion, both are strong.

Shiva Sagar Rao said: (Mar 26, 2019)  
option C is correct. I agree with the given answer.

Pooja Singh said: (Mar 28, 2019)  
Thanks for explaining this @Satyam Gurjar.

Monika said: (Jun 29, 2019)  
The answer should be both because both the arguments are true and strong.

Kamli said: (Jan 21, 2021)  
Option E is the correct answer.

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