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Read the question carefully and choose the correct answer.


Four people witnessed a mugging. Each gave a different description of the mugger. Which description is probably right?

[A]. He was average height, thin, and middle-aged.
[B]. He was tall, thin, and middle-aged.
[C]. He was tall, thin, and young.
[D]. He was tall, of average weight, and middle-aged.

Answer: Option B


Tall, thin, and middle-aged are the elements of the description repeated most often and are therefore the most likely to be accurate.

Tulasi said: (Apr 23, 2013)  
How do you saying tall, thin, middle-aged are the elements?

Arpan said: (Feb 27, 2014)  
Maybe he was one of the witness and gave out these elements to the concerned officer.

Nirveek Kumar Sahoo said: (Oct 18, 2014)  
Why not option C ?

I think young will be more appropriate than middle-aged.

Slazzy said: (Feb 18, 2015)  

We can not apply our opinions but we must think over the answer. As stated in the question A, B, C and D are the four witnesses. Since tall, thin and middle-aged is most commonly the description given by the 4, we must assume that B is intact correct.

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