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Each problem consists of three statements. Based on the first two statements, the third statement may be true, false, or uncertain.


Rover weighs less than Fido.
Rover weighs more than Boomer.
Of the three dogs, Boomer weighs the least.
If the first two statements are true, the third statement is

[A]. true
[B]. false
[C]. uncertain

Answer: Option A


According to the first two statements, Fido weighs the most and Boomer weighs the least.

Anu said: (Dec 15, 2011)  
I am not understanding. Please explain me clearly.

Laxman said: (Jan 9, 2012)  
Acording to the problem rover kies between fido and boommer, how we can say that boomer is least weight?

Rajarajan said: (Feb 25, 2012)  
I do not understand. Please explain clearly.

Chirag Bagdai said: (May 26, 2012)  
R -Rover
F -Fido
B -Boomer

Statement 1- ( R < F ) ( 4 < 5)

Statement 2- ( R > B ) ( 4 > 3)

Boomer is the least Person.

Aastha Jonathan said: (Aug 28, 2012)  
Condition-1: boomer cannot weigh the most because statement-2, and it cannot be at the middle because of statement-1, so boomer weighs least.

Cuty said: (May 27, 2015)  



So the Boomer weighs least.

Rahul said: (Jul 16, 2015)  
Why not uncertain?

Ankush said: (Jul 13, 2017)  
Why not uncertain. It fulfils the condition of uncertain.

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