Logical Reasoning - Logical Problems

Directions to Solve
Read the question carefully and choose the correct answer.

At the baseball game, Henry was sitting in seat 253. Marla was sitting to the right of Henry in seat 254. In the seat to the left of Henry was George. Inez was sitting to the left of George. Which seat is Inez sitting in?
Answer: Option
If George is sitting at Henry's left, George's seat is 252. The next seat to the left, then, is 251.

As they prepare for the state championships, one gymnast must be moved from the Level 2 team to the Level 1 team. The coaches will move the gymnast who has won the biggest prize and who has the most experience. In the last competition, Roberta won a bronze medal and has competed seven times before. Jamie has won a silver medal and has competed fewer times than Roberta. Beth has won a higher medal than Jamie and has competed more times than Roberta. Michele has won a bronze medal, and it is her third time competing. Who will be moved to the Level 1 team?
Answer: Option
Beth won the biggest prize, described as a higher medal than Jamie's, which we've been told was a silver medal. Roberta and Michele both won bronze medals, which are lower ranking medals than silver. Beth is also described as having competed more times than Roberta who has competed seven times. Jamie is described as having competed fewer times than Roberta, and Michele has competed three times. Therefore, Beth has competed more times than the others and has won the biggest prize to date.

Four friends in the sixth grade were sharing a pizza. They decided that the oldest friend would get the extra piece. Randy is two months older than Greg, who is three months younger than Ned. Kent is one month older than Greg. Who should get the extra piece of pizza?
Answer: Option
If Randy is two months older than Greg, then Ned is three months older than Greg and one month older than Randy. Kent is younger than both Randy and Ned. Ned is the oldest.

The high school math department needs to appoint a new chairperson, which will be based on seniority. Ms. West has less seniority than Mr. Temple, but more than Ms. Brody. Mr. Rhodes has more seniority than Ms. West, but less than Mr. Temple. Mr. Temple doesn't want the job. Who will be the new math department chairperson?
Mr. Rhodes
Mr. Temple
Ms. Brody
Answer: Option
Mr. Temple has the most seniority, but he does not want the job. Next in line is Mr. Rhodes, who has more seniority than Ms. West or Ms. Brody.

Danielle has been visiting friends in Ridge-wood for the past two weeks. She is leaving tomorrow morning and her flight is very early. Most of her friends live fairly close to the airport. Madison lives ten miles away. Frances lives five miles away, Samantha, seven miles. Alexis is farther away than Frances, but closer than Samantha. Approximately how far away from the airport is Alexis?
nine miles
seven miles
eight miles
six miles
Answer: Option
Alexis is farther away than Frances, who is five miles away, and closer than Samantha, who is seven miles away.