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Find the word that names a necessary part of the underlined word.

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A purchase is an acquisition of something. A purchase may be made by trade (choice a) or with money (choice b), so those are not essential elements. A bank (choice c) may or may not be involved in a purchase.
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Janhavi singh said:   4 years ago
We require money to purchase. Without money, we do not purchase anything or acquire. Please explain it clearly.

Madhurjya Nath said:   4 years ago
I think the correct answer should be money.

Nidhi Rastogi said:   6 years ago
Acquisition means something that someone buys, often to add to a collection of things, so i think its a correct answer.

Anonymous said:   6 years ago
The test author needs to have a better understanding of the meaning of the words that make up the test questions and answers. The word "necessary" means "required to be done" [what needs to be done before the given condition can come into being], not "the effect of a given cause. " So the question reads "what is necessary to make a purchase, " not "what is necessary to happen after a purchase. " In order to make a purchase, you need money. A trade is not considered a purchase because in the English language, the word "purchase" is universally understood to mean paying money to receive something, not exchanging something else for it (that's called a trade). You also don't need to acquire anything after a purchase. Tax dollars buy new buildings and stadiums but don't assign its ownership rights to the purchasers (taxpayers). Life insurance is not purchased for us to acquire but for our survivors to acquire after we die. This illustrates another point: you don't have to purchase something (or trade it for something else) to acquire it (such as an inheritance).

Anonymous said:   6 years ago
It is a trade, money is not needed in some cases (barter system), the acquisition is also a form of trade.

Hamza said:   7 years ago
It should be money, the word purchase literally means to buy something. Money is the essential part of purchasing something.

Himanshi said:   7 years ago
The first and the foremost thing is money. Any purchase is impossible without money. Acquition trading banking could be done after that also.

Don Gaekwad said:   8 years ago
Trade is the answer, not money cause you can buy something with something else (other than money) too, acquisition is secondary to trade, Trade happens first then acquisition. A selfish person would say D but overall purchase can't take place without exchange of ownership of goods, i.e. Trade.

Lekshmi said:   9 years ago
Why trade? can't understand. Money is necessary to made a purchase. I think money is more important than acquisition.

Shrikant gaikwad said:   10 years ago
Logically if we takes what has been asked in the question is that what is necessary part of word and for purchase money is necessary as well as acquisition. Bank and trade are not that necessary.

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