Logical Reasoning - Course of Action - Discussion

In each question below is given a statement followed by two courses of action numbered I and II. You have to assume everything in the statement to be true and on the basis of the information given in the statement, decide which of the suggested courses of action logically follow(s) for pursuing.

Give answer

  • (A) If only I follows
  • (B) If only II follows
  • (C) If either I or II follows
  • (D) If neither I nor II follows
  • (E) If both I and II follow.


Statement: A very large number of students have failed in the final high school examination due to faulty questions in one of the subjects.

Courses of Action:

  1. All the students who have failed in the subject should be allowed to take supplementary examination.
  2. All those who are responsible for the error should be suspended and an enquiry should be initiated to find out the facts.

[A]. Only I follows
[B]. Only II follows
[C]. Either I or II follows
[D]. Neither I nor II follows
[E]. Both I and II follow

Answer: Option E


There being faulty questions in the examination paper is a blunder on the part of school management and students should not be made to suffer on account of this. Thus, a re-test should be organised for the students and those responsible for the error be penalised to prevent reoccurrence of such mistake in the future. Hence, both the courses follow.

Hs Das said: (Aug 31, 2011)  
In choice I, why only failed student to be re-examined? why not for all student who have appeared?

Krishan said: (Dec 14, 2011)  
Same is on my part, the passed studend could have got better marks unless the questions were faulty.

Vivek said: (Apr 5, 2012)  
Fully in favor of 'Das' and 'Krishan'.

Badal Karekar said: (May 8, 2013)  
Faulty questions is not the problem of students, it is the problem of paper setter. Papers are to be checked thoroughly before being released. Students should not be allowed to give retest but marks should be given to those who have answered it but have got wrong answers.

Tulsi Kumar said: (Dec 27, 2013)  
If suspension is the remedy for errors committed by authority of any institutions, then complete computer oriented system of education must prevail in future, other wise we don't find any teacher who work efficiently like a computer. In my opinion they should warned and given another chance.

Shiv said: (Jun 18, 2014)  
Here, Re-exam should be taken 1st and all students should be allowed to attend it otherwise it will become an unfair practice with the passed students.

Action against paper setters will make them aware of the importance of their work & will definitely acts as a driving force behind all employees in this section.

From this I can say that only Course of Action-II follows. Hence answer of the given question is.

[B] Only II follows.

Morn said: (Jul 3, 2014)  
I agree with @Shiv. I also think that re-taking the exam wouldn't solve much, given that the same people that were to blame for the faulty questions are still in charge of making tests, so only statement II would follow.

Ken said: (Sep 12, 2014)  
@Das and @Krishan are correct, once again not a properly written question. All students should be able to retake the exam for a possible better score. So many flaws with how these questions are written. You need to get someone to rewrite these questions who has a degree in English.

Harsh Raiyani said: (Jan 1, 2015)  
Why need to suspend? so answer is wrong.

Robert Downey Jr said: (Jul 27, 2015)  
All the teachers are suspended held a retest.

Ams said: (Sep 26, 2015)  
I think only statement 1 follows and logically speaking nobody is suspended for a faulty question.

Ronan said: (Oct 29, 2015)  
I agree that only the failing pupils doing a test doesn't compensate for students who passed but still were hampered by the faulty questions.

Also "All those who are responsible for the error should be suspended and an enquiry should be initiated to find out the facts", - its presumptuous that there should be suspensions - its not appropriate to call out the punishment - investigate and then act.

Deepak said: (Apr 19, 2016)  
Option 4 follows as it does not deal with any outcomes.

Jandy said: (Jun 12, 2016)  
I Agree with Das.

Everyone who took the exam should take the retest. But option II is not realistic, faulty questionnaires happen, and teachers are given chances to correct it, not suspend them.

Gaurav said: (Jul 22, 2016)  
A is the better option, it would be to provide extra marks because allowing only failed students would be partial.

Terren said: (Sep 22, 2016)  
If this is a logic test, then logic should be the primary factor in the selection.

The part that gets me is the suspension. It would clearly be logical had they said, "an investigation should be opened to determine the source of the faulty questions".

Yolo said: (May 12, 2018)  
According to me, option D is correct, since even the students who pass could have scored better and second, teachers are also humans, everyone makes mistakes. Suspending is just a bit too harsh.

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